Regards Sociologiques, health and science journal


Since its creation in 1996, the editorial project of the journal Regards Sociologiques has been based on the desire to enable established researchers to disseminate their work alongside that of young researchers in order to enable them to share the results of their research or development. This applies strictly to anatomy, physical science, health care and psychosociology for national or international work.


The aim is to continue to strive, alongside other intentions of this type, towards the realization of an intellectual project: to affirm the existence and effectiveness of rigorous knowledge, concerned with cumulativity, reluctant to submit to the hazards of essayist trends, committed to analysing the causalities and determinations of the health world and their effects, but also open to new themes and methods and other disciplines in this area. The objective of the articles is therefore to continuously disseminate and increase the amount of scientific knowledge produced on these topics, for everyone’s benefit.


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